EXCHANGE 2020 visual identity

2020-current,  print + digital + motion + environmental 
EX-CHANGE is a publication and year-end exhibition celebrating the work of the Carnegie Mellon University School of Architecture from 1st year to PhD. I am currently creating the visual identity as the sole graphic designer on team. Deliverables include but are not limited to: posters, pamphlets, motion graphics, and environmental graphics.

*This project is still very much a work-in-progress. If you would like to see its developments, please check back periodically :’) *

Preliminary Posters

Conceptual Approach

Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Architecture (SoA) program allows for students to do a wide range of interdisciplinary work. At the SoA,  architecture isn’t confined to a traditional definition. Students experiment with many different mediums, including coding and fashion, to further push the scope of their work. The overall brand message we wanted to convey was that the School of Architecture is a mix of disciplines and its work shows the blurring of boundaries. Through the blurring of type and the use of saturated colors, I wanted to show the contemporary and experimental nature of the cross-disciplinary work of the School of Architecture students. 



Type and Color