London’s Hidden Histories: Remembering Limehouse Chinatown

2019, woodcuts + 3D
London’s first Chinatown was established in the 1800s near the docklands in Limehouse. Today, there are little to no remnants of this rich cultural past. I’ve created a series of Chinese papercut-inspired decorative windowpieces and sculptural pieces for the town to bring this history back to life.

The first Chinese-owned busineses in Limehouse were mostly grocery stores, laundromats, and restaurants. I designed three different woodcuts based off of these businesses. The restaurant-themed woodcut would be implemented on restaurant walls and windows, laundry-themed piece implemented in laundromats, and grocery store-themed piece in grocery stores.

I wanted to create a more physical and interactive experience so I extended the 2-dimensional woodcuts into a sculptural piece to be placed near the docklands as well as residential open spaces.

bonus: scrap paper for spraypainting... turned out quite nicely