Uber Health Campaign: Opening Doors to Healthy Living

2019, print + motion + environmental

Miranda Luong
Vicky Zhou
Jason Zhu
UberHealth is a transportation platform that allows healthcare professionals to book rides for their patients. My team was tasked with the challenge of elevating the presence of UberHealth in a US city and raise awareness of this service in both the general public and  among healthcare professionals. Our solution is to create a pop-up experience in the city of Seattle, along with marketing buzz to generate interest surrounding the pop-up event. 
I was in charge of creating visual assets for the marketing buzz as well as for the pop-up space.


Tagline: Opening doors to healthy living

This campaign establishes 3 main pillars of healthy living: the products you ingest, the activities you participate in, and lastly, Uber Health, the access to healthcare. Each block is an essential part to completing the overall goal of healthy living. When combined, the blocks form a “U” shape consistent through-out the Uber branding. It is also a metaphor for the importance of the user, you, in this journey towards healthy living. Through blocks, we wanted to convey that Uber Health is here to guide you towards living a healthier life. By focusing on overall health, we wanted to portray Uber Health as not just a service, but a partner that cares about your overall wellbeing.


The visual guideline is based off of the Uber rebrand. We used the typography, composition, logos, and color palette from existing Uber brand assets and built our style off of that to create visual consistency.


Physical Advertisements

We placed ads in public transportation hotspots since the user demographic of Uber Health customers is those who don’t have access to proper transportation to healthcare professionals. With additional motion advertisements, we wanted to convey the sequence of the three pillars of health.

Digital Advertisements


Healthcare Professional Pop-up Experience
The pop-up experiences for healthcare professionals will be located at  Continuing Medical Education (CME) conferences and medical centers throughout Seattle. The experience asks  healthcare providers to build health-themed gift sets for their patients. These gift sets comprise of three elements representing the three pillars of healthy living: products, experiences, and ultimately, access to healthcare.

General Public Pop-up Experience
The pop-up for the general public will take place in downtown Seattle, where there is higher foot traffic. Similar to the healthcare provider experience, riders will go through this experience to complete the three pillars of the “U” block. To minimize traffic jams and maximize conveniency, the blocks will be digitized using a Uber Health wallet app.